Shopping for Soldiers is proud to announce our newest initiave, the Veteran's Depot.  We are currently working to find the perfect piece of land to build our dream, and we hope you can help!

The ultimate goal of the this facility is to become a Depot for all of the items donated to us from individuals and manufacturers alike.  Having one centeral facility will allow us to easier take inventory of the itmes we have, and what we still need to work to aquire for the Veterans..

But we are hoping to create more than just a storage facility.

Under the umbrella of the building we will continue to run the programs and events that we have been working on since conception. 

Veteran's Appreciation Day

Sponsor reusable bags that are given to homeless veterans along with supplies as a means to carry their personal items.

Our annual program that collects from January to March for delivery in  late March.

Needs at the Cancer Center

Our mission is to provide needed items for life on the streets to the Homeless and Indigent Veterans from all wars through the VA Medical Resource Centers in West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida..  We are striving to create a model for other VA Centers around the country in the hope that they will provide this service.

We are proud to announce our new program

Neal Bellinger
Founder and Director of Operations



Silver Star Banner Day

May 1st

This is our view for the future

To sponsor a program, please contact SFS Headquarters:  (561) 827-0585 or shoppingforsoldiersneeds@gmail.com.

Holiday Program


We are proud to have co-sponsored this bill for the "injured and ill soldiers from all wars". 

Our Original Program where we collect and deliver to the VA on a regular basis.

Thanks to Mayor Jerry from the city of West Palm Beach for proclaiming a day in the city for "The Veteran's Drive" with a gold seal proclamation. Also, thanks to the Commissioner from the county of Palm Beach for proclaiming November as "Veteran Appreciation" Month.

We were honored to be recognized by Governor Scot for our effort to collect needed items for the homeless veterans in Palm Beach county.

Our annual holiday program with the VA Hospital.

The City of West Palm Beach, with an official proclamation, made a day in our honor where the staff donate items.

We hope to include job training center, computer workshop, counceling center, and more helpful resources for our Veterans in need.  Our homepage will define the many programs and services this Center will provide to our troops from all branches of the Military as they become available, so please keep checking back.  If you are available to help in any way, please contact HQ! 

Contact Us

Franks & Friends

Shopping for Soldier's Needs


Our plan is to create a safe, quality, environment for our Homeless Men, Women and Indigent Veterans from all wars.  We are looking to build in a somewhat rural area in close proximity to the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach. 

Please feel free to download the detailed summary of our plan: 

Summary. Veteran's Center Phase 1

Our Gala helps to raise money that will be earmarked for Veterans Appreciation Day and the Holiday program in December.

Annual Gala

Our new program is Valentines for Veteransour mission is to provide flowers in glass vases. They will be handed out at the Woman's Center at the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach. We hope to show these woman how much their service means to us.

Any questions regarding sponsorship contact Neal at HQ 561-827-0585 or via email at shoppingforsoldiersneeds@gmail.com

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Shopping for Soldiers is a non-profit organization.   EIN #80-08968571. Our CH NO: 21220 is registered with the State of Florida and a copy of the official registration may be obtained from the Department of the Division of CONSUMER Services by calling 1-800-435-7353.

Green in the City

This program brings awareness during the July 4th Festivities, encouraging people to befriend a soldier.

We are proud to have accomplished our goal


We are proud to have accomplished our goal of collecting over 700 items for homeless veterans. Thanks to Mayor Jerry and staff from the city of Palm Beach for participating in our 6th Annual "Veterans Drive". The Mayor and Staff Collected over 700 items for the homeless vets from all wars that come to the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach to get needed items.